Specialist time critical logistics provider BDA (Bespoke Distribution Aviation) is offering a freighter charter aircraft that can be flown to any airport Europe wide including the Mediterranean rim and North Africa, enabling delivery of goods and components hours after the charter booking. Quotations are immediate and, subject to crew and aircraft availability, the aircraft can be launched within 90 minutes of the charter being confirmed.

Cargo charter flights provide a lifeline for companies that require immediate transportation of emergency orders. Recent charters have featured a range of cargo, including automotive industry parts, machine spares, pharmaceuticals, AOG parts, high value shipments, diplomatic mail and perishables. BDA is also licensed to carry a range of Dangerous Goods on its charter aircraft, including chemicals, samples, shipments on dry ice, explosives, radioactive substances and other cargo not allowed on passenger aircraft.

Frankfurt Main airport based, the aircraft can be flown to any airport within range for loading. This allows the company to offer greater flexibility to businesses that urgently need to export or import goods and components across Europe, directly to and from production lines, on an emergency, time critical basis.

The logistics specialist, which operates from Coventry Airport, has eight gateway hubs for both air and road linehaul routes across Europe, including Germany, France, and Ireland. BDA also has local management and is self-handling at main European airports, including Coventry in the Midlands, UK, Maastricht in the Netherlands, Dublin, Ireland and Frankfurt, Germany, with head office located in Cork, Ireland.

The charter aircraft, a Shorts 360-300 type, has a maximum payload of 3,200kg and a volume capacity of 48m2 with a cruise speed of 390km/hr. and an impressive range of 1,100km.

Steve Court, sales director at BDA, feels the chartered flights will play a vital part in supply chains throughout Europe. “We understand that local businesses regularly have to fulfill emergency orders outside of the normal scheduled flight times that we offer, and by adding this bespoke chartered freighter we’re adding a more flexible approach to our operations for those with time-critical cargo,” he said. “It’s our aim at BDA to offer the very best service to our customers, and we hope that our charter aircraft capability can help us strengthen relationships with existing and new customer.”