Loma explains how incorporating functional ‘fail-safes’ in inspection equipment improves food safety

Oct 17, 2019 | Food & Beverage

Loma Systems (www.loma.com) is stressing the importance of incorporating functional fail-safe measures into metal detectors, checkweighers and X-ray inspection equipment typically installed at Critical Control Points (CCP) in food manufacturing facilities. The company’s innovative fail-safe features are specially designed to improve safety and help avoid product recalls, plus prevent damage to brand reputation and costly downtime.

Food manufacturers play an essential role in the implementation of safety policies, processes and machinery to ensure protection against contaminants such as metal. Even with today’s regulatory controls and retailers’ increasingly stringent Codes of Practice, safety can still be compromised. However, potential foreign bodies can be detected and stopped at CCPs with the correct functional fail-safe solutions.

To help with the detection of contaminated products and ensure corrective measures are taken, Loma’s advanced inspection technology has been developed to offer smart and reliable additional functionality or ‘fail-safe’ features which check the integrity of the inspection system, often used as a CCP.

Designed to fail-safe in the event of a problem and provide a secondary back up to ensure manufacturing working practices are operating correctly, Loma IQ4 Metal Detectors, CW3 Checkweighers and X5 X-ray inspection systems incorporate a wide range of fail-safe features to help ensure a food plant is commercially viable, ethical and keeps everyone safe.

For example, sensors will detect failure of the compressed air supply as part of a reject mechanism. If there is no air, the mechanism would not actuate and then remove the rejected product from the line.

Other fail-safe features include sensors to count and confirm that a pack has been successfully rejected into the reject bin and that a reject bin is actually closed so the conveyor can be operated. Reject bins are locked ensuring only authorised personnel can handle rejected product whilst sensors detect when they are full.

Loma machines also boast the latest system security with multi-level user access management, passwords and conveyor guards to prevent operators tampering with the product and risk of injury once it has passed the CCP. In addition, Loma has reporting abilities that document products rejected for aiding management of the line and for having robust audit processes in place.

Toby Kemp, global marketing manager at Loma comments: “Everyone benefits from fail-safes being in place at CCPs as the food manufacturer strives to mitigate safety issues in the factory. Where a contaminant problem occurs, these fail-safe features are essential and industry best practice for demonstrating a zero tolerance attitude to foreign body contamination. It also provides optimum product integrity so both retailer and consumer safety expectations are met, and no harm is done.

He adds: “Fail-safes featuring at CCPs are important for ensuring manufacturers meet retailers’ Codes of Practice and secure new business opportunities in the future.”

Loma has decades of experience working with retailers helping to develop meaningful Codes of Practice. With this knowledge, Loma offers consultancy on suitable functionality and the right fail-safe solutions to ensure compliance.