An innovative new range of low friction seals manufactured by SKF can lower CO2 emissions and improve fuel economy. Designed to fit on rotating engine and transmission shafts, the new seals are said to reduce levels of friction by up to 55 per cent, compared with conventional shaft seals.

The new seals feature a low friction elastomer lip design based on the wafer technology used for PTFE shaft seals. The new seals also use a specially formulated FKM material with improved compression set and relaxation properties to compensate for the lack of a spring, normally found in shaft seals. The result is said to be extremely low friction, outstanding sealing security and long service life.

The SKF Low Friction Seal ensures robust sealing and high durability, even at high speed. They provide minimal shaft wear and have excellent dirt exclusion. With no additional sealants or lubricants necessary, it is simple to install. Using their Vehicle Environmental Performance Simulator, SKF has calculated the CO2 reduction for a four-cylinder petrol engine passenger car at over 1g per km.