With electrical safety switch and LED indicator light

Ergonomic and compact, with a technopolymer certified self-extinguishing UL-94 V0 body and a monostable safety switch that ensures proper interruption of the power supply circuit, the new M.2000-SWM handle ensures maximum protection for the operator.

The RGY (red, green, yellow) type LED strip in polycarbonate can be configured so that each colour indicates a different status of the machine.

The electrical and mechanical features of the safety button allow the M.2000-SWM handle to be integrated into a safety system.

In addition, the handle can provide the function of signalling light column and control box with safety contacts in 2NC or 1NO+NC configuration.

For an aesthetic combination, Elesa also offers the complementary bridge handle without switch M.2000 in technopolymer certified self-extinguishing UL-94 V0 with rear mounting.

Product technical data sheets, along with drawings and tables with codes and dimensions are available on our website elesa.com.