Macsa ID UK Ltd will be highlighting its wide range of advanced coding and marking equipment for the food, pharmaceutical, beverage, personal care and household markets at PPMA Total 2022. Amongst the systems on display will be the company’s iCON 3 small character laser coder. The ideal solution for most packaging applications, the third generation iCON is more reliable and efficient than its predecessors with features designed to further reduce carbon footprint whilst improving coding quality. Macsa will also be displaying its idTIJ small character thermal inkjet printer and idJET large character inkjet printer, as well as a print and apply labeller, iLaserBox 450 laser marking workstation and four versions of its Integra software for the control, management and optimisation of the production line.

Like Macsa’s previous iCON models, the iCON 3 is ideal for first time users of laser technology. Clean, fast and consumable-free, the iCON is extremely affordable yet offers everything you would expect from a high performance laser coder. In fact, in just over a year the iCON 3 will have cost less than an inkjet system.

The iCON 3 codes cleanly and permanently on food packaging and is capable of marking water, wine, spirits and soft drink beverage containers produced from PET or glass. It also meets the high standards of the pharmaceutical industry and will code labels, tubes and boxes.

The handheld terminal is the operator’s point of access to all the functionalities of the laser and to the information related to the production line. Intuitive software and visual aids in video format allow operators to master the iCON 3 in no time without needing advanced technical knowledge.

The Wizard reduces laser set up time by a step-by-step system. The operator will be able to reduce almost 90% of the configuration time, avoiding the trial-error system of other equipment. The iCON 3 It also incorporates many templates such as barcodes, expiry dates, QR codes and even datamatrix which allow the creation of messages in 50% less time than previous models.

With proprietary marking software and intuitive, user-friendly design, Macsa’s idTIJ is its first ever thermal inkjet coder aimed at fast, high resolution printing applications. Key features combine to make it one of the best TIJ options on the market. The innovative design also ensures flexible and easy integration into existing production lines with maximum uptime.

Utilising Macsa’s powerful marking software, the idTIJ offers accurate and consistent reproduction of barcodes, alphanumeric texts, 2d data matrix codes, dates, logos and graphics on to virtually any porous and non-porous surface, including cardboard, blister packs and PE and HDPE plastics.

Macsa’s idTIJ is compact, reliable and exceptionally simple to use.  It incorporates an intuitive 10” colour touch screen which has been specially developed to facilitate easy installation, operation and maintenance, as well as improve overall user experience.

For maximum production efficiencies, the idTIJ is capable of high speed printing up to 150 m / min and 600 dpi. It offers high quality and fast drying print with excellent adhesion on a diverse range of materials.

Macsa’s range of high speed idJET inkjet printers are capable of printing on a wide range of porous and non-porous materials such as cardboard, paper, wood, tin, aluminum, steel and polystyrene. With print heads available in heights of 17mm and 70mm, this versatile printer is suitable for virtually any type of large character marking.

Each model features a colour touch screen for managing settings, checking previews, modifying variable fields and monitoring ink consumption. It also allows operators to create text, logos, barcodes and images, alongside controlling, managing and optimising the machine on the production line.

Macsa’s iLaserBox 450 desktop workstation is ideal for smaller marking applications. Cleverly designed to be compatible with any Macsa laser technology, the iLaserBox 450 is easy to install, integrate and use.

Macsa’s compact, all-in-one print and apply label systems features a modular design ideally suited to harsh production environments. Both reliable and versatile, the machines offer continuous printing and application of labels, mitigating the risk of human error and reducing downtime and disruption.