“Grip and Proof” Technology gloves offer multiple protection choices with anatomical design and durable high-quality materials

RS Components (RS), the trading brand of Electrocomponents, the global distributor for engineers, has introduced a broad selection of MAPA Professionnel industrial gloves for handling and cut protection, featuring “Grip and Proof” Technology that gives superior user safety and dexterity.

Grip and Proof provides an answer to the fact that 90% of professional skin complaints are eczema or dermatitis caused by irritation or allergies. The range now available includes the Ultrane 500 gloves, which combine high abrasion resistance with tactile sensitivity for performing exacting tasks in industries such as automotive assembly, light engineering, electronic component assembly, maintenance and handling, and cosmetics preparation.

For users handling metals, paper or card, tiles, or other small, sharp parts, the Krynit range provides long-lasting protection against cuts. The gloves are anatomically shaped to minimise hand fatigue.

In addition, RS is stocking the Temp-Dex and Temp-Ice series for use in extreme temperatures. Temp-Dex protects workers who need to handle pipework, or other hot components such as materials subjected to industrial heat treatment processes. Temp-Ice is the best choice for handling cold items, such as when working outdoors during winter or in cold rooms.

The arrival of the MAPA Professionnel range at RS is the result of close cooperation between the two companies. RS has recently introduced several ranges of health and safety products from well-known brands to its portfolio, and is committed to adding further high-quality products designed to help customers in a wide variety of industries stay safe in the workplace.

To view the full range of MAPA Professionnel gloves, or to place an order, please visit the website.