Minimise Finance, part of the Minimise Group of sustainable businesses, has launched a funding package for SMEs who would like to put in place energy efficiency measures. Funding is available from £40,000.
The new fund unlocks the energy efficiency financial incentives which are typically only available to larger businesses with multiple energy intensive buildings. Now, smaller independent supermarket owners, warehouse operators or similar businesses will be able to enjoy free lighting upgrades, with the payments for new LED lamps and fittings and associated installation financed from the ongoing energy savings achieved after the refurbishment has been completed.
The new funding programme will help SMEs to put in place energy efficiency measures costing £40,000 and above.
It is anticipated that many will use the funding to install LED lights and associated energy controls. However, for manufacturers, printers or plant-heavy processes like recycling there is an option to use the funding to put in place voltage optimisation solutions.
The funding is dependent on the installation of investor-approved technologies. All applicants will be subject to credit approval.
Commenting on the launch of the funding scheme, Andrew Shortis, managing director of Minimise Finance, said: “Until now SMEs have not been easily able to access energy efficiency funding at the right level. Many understand the energy savings that can be achieved, but cannot afford to upgrade infrastructure within their existing budget.
“We have developed this fund with our investor panel to provide a solution. Now SMEs can enjoy the same free access to lighting as their larger peers. It levels the energy efficiency playing field.”