MTA CEO James Selka (pictured) comments on the Government’s industrial strategy Green Paper. Any questions please let me know and I’ll get right back to you. All the best,

Speaking after the publication of the Government’s industrial strategy Green Paper, James Selka, the CEO of the Manufacturing Technologies Association, said: “We welcome the priority the Prime Minister has placed on Industrial Strategy. It could be an important contributor to creating an environment that promotes the long term investment that we need to deliver a step change in productivity through technology and skills.

Some issues, such as skills and finance, resonate across the economy as a whole. But sectors all have their specific challenges and we therefore welcome the establishment of a task force to look at industrial digitalisation to be led by Juergen Maier. It is very important that when operating through sectors Government recognises that the technology – which in advanced manufacturing is the driver of the changes that we are seeing through innovations like additive manufacturing, robotics and AI – is cross sectoral and therefore needs to be included in a very broad range of outcomes. We also welcome the explicit recognition of the key role that Trade Shows play in many sectors – something that has been a bit of a blind spot in recent years.

Other topics in the Green Paper that chime with work that the MTA has been doing are; support for high growth companies, better awareness on the part of young people of their careers options and providing more wattage to the Northern Powerhouse and the Midlands Engine.”