The nationally recognised Driver CPC Instructor qualification, launched in May by the National Register of LGV Instructors (NRI) offers new professional development opportunities.

The new qualification enables organisations to give Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) the evidence required by the Scheme of Control issued in April 2020 that a Driver CPC instructor ‘has the appropriate qualifications, skills, knowledge’ to deliver the periodic training courses’. On qualifying, instructors are issued with an NRI Driver CPC Instructor card and added to the online register on the NRI website. 

NRI worked in collaboration with DVSA and JAUPT to set out the standards of instructional ability required of a Driver CPC Instructor, in line with DVSA’s National Standards for LGV and PCV Driving. Since the launch, there has been a continuous high level of enquiries regarding the new examination.

“Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen an increasing number of instructors asking for information on how to join the register,” explains Dave Cox, NRI manager. “It was always a risk to launch a new qualification, but due to testing and assessment being conducted in a ‘virtual classroom’, entirely remotely, we are able to uphold our usual standards and ensure relevant criteria are met.

“Although this is something new to the NRI, it has already received a warm welcome as businesses want to be sure that those responsible for delivering their Driver CPC courses are independently and professionally qualified.” 

“DVSA supports good quality training for professional drivers” says Mark Winn, DVSA’s chief driving examiner. “DVSA’s priority is to help everyone through a lifetime of safe driving. By providing the transport industry with a workforce of independently examined and registered instructors, NRI will help increase the competence of professional lorry, bus and coach drivers,” he continues. “The higher the standard of vocational driver training, assessment and mentoring, the better drivers will be on the road and in the classroom.”

Sarah Wingate, JAUPT’s managing director says: “We were delighted to be part of the collaboration in development of the new NRI Driver CPC Instructor qualification and see the benefits it will bring to both individuals and the industry as a whole. The examination helps DCPC classroom instructors demonstrate and develop their skills and gives us a consistent basis for assessing instructor skills in the course approval process.”

To apply to take the new Driver CPC Instructor qualification, or to find out more about joining the NRI register, call Dave Cox on 01952 520210 or email  

Employers can find details of NRI Registered Instructors and Assessors, and more information, by visiting