ITC has launched its new 2172 Cyber Series ball nosed end mills for aluminium. ITC has worked closely with manufacturers that machine considerable quantities of aluminium to bring the new innovation to market.

Manufactured from ultra wear resistant micro grain carbide, the 2172 ball nosed series offers high performance machining on aluminium and non-ferrous materials. The 2172 Series is said to provide the end user with a multitude of machining options for specialised applications. Simultaneously, the radius further enhances tool life by preventing cutter chipping and breakages which can be common when machining at high speeds and feeds.

Tooling firm taps into new market

As part of its appointment to distribute Widia cutting tools, ITC is  offering the Widia range of GTD taps and in particular the best selling GX series. The GX Series of high precision solid carbide taps are known for their ability to run at speeds up to four times faster than conventional high speed steel taps.

The GX Series is suitable for through and blind holes in steel, cast iron and non-ferrous materials and is available with through coolant to improve swarf evacuation and performance. The taps have been developed for use on CNC machine tools with synchronous or rigid tapping control and precision toolholders. With these parameters the solid carbide taps and forming taps expect to deliver high performance in this range of materials.

The GX Series runs at higher speeds and offers tool life that is extended by up to four times, reducing tooling costs and improving productivity for the end user. Such results are possible due to an optimal chamfer design working in harmony with a flute shape that has been created to optimise chip evacuation.


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