The new Youngman MiniMax® professional duty platform from world leading manufacturer, WernerCo, offers the most versatile platform tower system, for both indoor and outdoor use, yet.

The lightweight, modular Youngman MiniMax system has been updated to meet the latest revised standard EN 1004-1:2020 and offers an ideal solution for an innovative and compact working at height tower. 

Easy to transport and store, the system is safely erected using the 3T (Through the Trapdoor) method, ensuring that users don’t stand on an unguarded platform. New knuckle joints have been positioned closer together and at a natural height to allow for easy opening and closing, and an updated profile means ribbed tubes are now available on the climbing rungs to allow for a better grip. 

Sophie Ellam, product manager for WernerCo, said: “We’re excited to launch the new Youngman MiniMax Mobile Access Tower system and we believe it offers the perfect working at height solution; combining strength and versatility with convenience and ease of use. 

“Updated to adhere to EN 1004-1:2020, it has been designed to meet the highest build and safety standards synonymous with the Youngman product range. The redesign means that it’s now quicker and easier to build, with fewer components needed. This, coupled with its compact design and flexibility, make it ideal for a range of applications, both indoor and outdoor.” 

When dismantled, the MiniMax system is slim enough to fit through standard doorways and corridors and the base unit can be safely operated by one user. Snap click fittings make for easy assembly and versatile 0.26m stepped height platform adjustments allow a maximum platform safe working load of 211kg, making it ideal for use in a range of indoor and outdoor environments.

Sophie concludes: “Despite the changes, the new MiniMax  system is completely compatible with the existing products in the market, so users can continue using products compliant to EN1004:2004, but we would recommend that when they buy new products they purchase those compliant to the new version of the standard and refer to the latest version of the Instruction Manual for the most up to date guidance.”

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