New oil-free compressor eliminates contamination risk and reduces costs for food & beverage producers

Mar 24, 2022 | Food & Beverage

The safety of food and beverage production in the UK is set to take another step forward in 2022 with the introduction of next generation oil-free compressors from leading industrial compressor brand, ALUP, which have also been designed to reduce operating costs.

From the packaging of eggs to baked goods and brewing to vegetables, the need for pure compressed air is a critical part of the production process, to ensure the safety of products from ‘farm to table’. With increasingly stringent legislation surrounding health and hygiene in the food and beverage supply chain, ALUP’s new OF 20-75 line of oil-free rotary tooth compressors delivers class zero 100% oil-free air and eliminates the risk of any contamination.

As there is no lubrication in the compression cycle of the machine, ALUP’s oil-free technology delivers ‘Class Zero’ compressed air, that is certified* to be 100% free of any traces of oil or other contaminants, which meets the stringent BRC (British Retail Consortium) Global Standards, as well as the Food and Beverage Grade Compressed Air Best Practice Guidelines issued by BCAS (British Compressed Air Society). Innovations made by ALUP replace previous generation oil-injected compressors, that rely on downstream filtration to achieve the required high levels of air purity demanded by food and beverage producers.

As well as the enhancements to product safety, the launch of oil-free technology enables food and beverage producers to save time and money by removing the need for regular monitoring, cleaning, and maintenance of oil filters, thereby contributing to lower operating costs.

With energy costs accounting for up to 70% of the total operating cost of a compressor over a five-year period, ALUP’s variable speed compressors in its oil-free models match the supply and demand of the air. As the food production industry generally has a constantly fluctuating requirement for compressed air, selecting a variable speed drive compressor to meet a differing air demand profile can reduce overall energy consumption by as much as 35%, on average.

Commenting on the launch of its oil-free compressors, Mark Keen, Business Line Manager at MultiAir UK & Ireland, which supplies ALUP machines via a network of approved Oil-Free distributor partners, said:

“With food and beverage producers facing increased energy costs, as well as pressure to achieve safer and more sustainable production, the use of oil-free technology offers a significant advancement in more environmentally-friendly compressors, that avoid risk to products, expensive product recalls and brand reputation, as well as delivering a lower total cost of ownership.    

“ALUP remains committed to improving efficiency and commercial value across the food production sector, so our new OF compressors feature ALUP’s latest Airlogic² Touch controller with integrated ICONS, which provides monitoring and control capabilities to maximise compressor reliability and performance. This also helps producers to schedule optimum service windows, predict any risk of failure and measure overall machine health.”



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