Following the success of its interactive catalogue app and convention-busting Twitter account, both launched last year, Polyco has redesigned and refocused its website building it around the user and their needs
Whether they use gloves themselves, or sell them to others, the site visitor’s experience is tailored according to their requirements. Prior to any development work Polyco undertook a comprehensive research project to establish what’s really important to a site visitor.
Polyco understands that most visitors to its website are looking for specific products and information that will help them make a purchasing decision. Moreover, most website users in general tend to be ‘searchers’ – they look for information via the search function rather than clicking through endless tabs and menus and scrolling through myriad categories and pages.
In addition to the simplified layout and sleek design, the company has made the intuitive and dynamic search function the core feature of the site. Quite simply, it is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use glove selection tool available.
Arriving on the home page the user is asked to confirm which category they fall into – wearer or distributor. Once they have chosen, they are taken to the ‘How to find the right glove’ page. There are five simple search options to help users find customised results based on their specific requirements. They can filter according to glove type, product name/code, EN standard, chemical resistance or disposables.
Each choice made by the user affects subsequent options, so that only relevant features are presented; if you are not interested in colours or sizes, for example, this information won’t appear. Even if you press ‘go’ before completing all the tick boxes at a particular stage, relevant filters will continue to be presented up to the point you have whittled the product options down to the final ones that interest you.
Chief Customer Experience Officer Mark Bernard believes there is no better way to find the right glove product. He commented: “We worked very hard to tailor the search function to our customers’ needs and make it easier and faster for them to find what they want. Usability is key – if your customers can’t use your site, they won’t return.”
Polyco has also ensured that the site is clean and easy to navigate. The layout is uncluttered and consistent, and the use of a stylish colour palette, coupled with exceptionally high-quality product photography and dynamic graphics, further enhances the user’s experience of the site.
Added Mark Bernard: “What we are launching today is ‘stage 1’ of the new website. Stage 2 will encompass more functionality and transactional capabilities.
Visit and explore the new site at