‘Committed to Sustainability’ is a new brochure produced by Brammer Buck & Hickman, the UK’s leading supplier of industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) products and services, in partnership with bearings manufacturer SKF.  It is available to download now from Brammer Buck & Hickman’s SKF bearings section on its website: uk.rubix.com/supplier/skf

At a time when the world is looking to limit its energy usage and impact on the climate, pressure is mounting on industry world-wide to reduce its overall environmental impact.  Individual bearings may use relatively little energy, but are in such widespread use and are also one of the most frequently replaced components, that building sustainability in to the product and their usage matters.

The new Brammer Buck & Hickman ‘Committed to Sustainability’ brochure provides customers with a guide to getting the most out of their bearings whilst having the least impact on the environment by applying the 3Rs waste hierarchy – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  Examples of the 3RS include reducing the number of bearings you use by selecting good quality ones that are appropriate for the task at hand and ensure they are correctly fitted for product longevity; reuse bearings through SKF’s remanufacturing process, and regenerate lubricants; heck to see if the bearings you use can be recycled at end of life.

But you can’t apply sustainability to the product in isolation: it’s important to take into account every aspect surrounding that product, including the manufacturer and its suppliers.  The new ‘Committed to Sustainability’ brochure encompasses these different aspects, addressing responsible sourcing and demand chain, manufacturing environmental performance, sustainable building design and construction, and logistics.  It also looks at how Brammer Buck & Hickman and SKF are working towards net zero.

Commenting on the release of the new brochure, Alan Stewart, Brammer Buck & Hickman Bearing Product Manager – SKF Products, said: “Reducing wastage when it comes to bearings is not only good for the planet, but makes good business sense. A bearing that performs well over a long period of time is a bearing that won’t slow your machinery down and won’t lead to expensive unplanned maintenance and downtime.  Applying the 3Rs to bearings is a good investment in the future, whichever way you look at it and we hope this new brochure will help explain why and how.”

Brammer Buck & Hickman, a Rubix group company, is Europe’s leading authorised bearings distributor, selling over 100 million bearings annually from the largest, most comprehensive bearings range and stock.  Download the new bearings sustainability brochure at uk.rubix.com/supplier/skf

About Brammer Buck & Hickman

Brammer Buck & Hickman is the UK’s leading technical specialist distributor of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) products, as well as supplying multiple value-added services.  Branches across the breadth of the UK provide customers with quick and easy access to more than 5 million products, from bearings, power transmission and fluid power through to tools and health & safety products.  This extensive product portfolio is underpinned by specialist engineering services as well as condition monitoring.  At the heart of Brammer Buck & Hickman’s service is a commitment to providing customers with cost savings through:

  • reducing total acquisition costs
  • improving production efficiency
  • reducing working capital.

Brammer Buck & Hickman is part of the Rubix group, Europe’s largest supplier of industrial MRO products and services.

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