Testo has recently introduced new thermal imaging cameras to its range along with a new feature; SuperResolution. This optional feature is said to allow you to get much more out of your camera as it effectively doubles the geometric resolution of thermal images.

No artificial intermediate values are generated. True readings are utilised, which can be regarded as comparable to a higher detector resolution. The thermal images captured with the resolution of the camera detector are intensified providing greater detail and clarity with truly outstanding images. The precise infrared images from the cameras allow even the smallest faults in difficult-to-access places or dangerous zones in industrial systems to be identified precisely, reliably and from a safe distance.

If you are looking for a multi-functional, maintenance instrument the Testo 435 is the one to choose, measuring all the key parameters needed to determine indoor air quality and the efficient installation and maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems. New to the range is the Testo 480 for even higher accuracy for measuring climate in buildings, calibration centres and laboratories. 

Testo’s range of data loggers are especially suited for professional monitoring of temperature, humidity and absolute pressure in various applications such as measurements in industrial and maintenance processes.

At the Testo on Stand P-B01 you can find out more about the company’s show offers or to get a demo of instruments in the range for pressure, humidity, temperature, RPM, multi-function, sound, stationary and emissions. 

Testo (Stand P-B01)

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