The new E3X-ZV Series from OMRON provides unmatched cost-performance and easy implementation.

OMRON has announced the availability of its newest fiber amplifier unit, the E3X-ZV. This cost-effective solution is optimized to meet the essential requirements of detecting the presence or absence of workpieces in various applications such as parts feeders, roll presses for secondary batteries, and assembly machines for digital products. OMRON has made strategic changes to the materials and production process while utilizing new technologies to reduce the cost while retaining the critical functions and performance. With the E3X-ZV fiber amplifier unit, customers can enjoy cost savings with increased usage.

The complexity of selecting and setting up the right sensor, coupled with a shortage of skilled professionals, has made it difficult to cost-effectively incorporate fiber sensors into equipment. With over 60 years of experience in sensor development and manufacturing, OMRON has optimized the E3X-ZV Series to address these challenges. This innovative product is designed to be easy to use and optimized for detection, allowing even inexperienced technicians to set up equipment quickly and efficiently.

Key features of the E3X-ZV Series Fiber Amplifier include:

1.     Reliable detection performance. The E3X-ZV unit is equipped with microscopic front/rear detection of objects in parts feeders with a minimum detectable object size of 3-μm, ensuring stable detection of even the smallest chips.

2.     Resistance to differences in colour and surface conditions. The E3X-ZV can accurately detect objects ranging from black to glossy surfaces. The unit’s unique design avoids light saturation on glossy surfaces, ensuring reliable detection even under challenging conditions.

3.     Seam detection in roll presses for secondary battery sheets​​. With a lightning-fast response time of 50-μs in high-speed mode, the E3X-ZV can accurately capture seams on fast-moving sheets. The unit’s 10-mm wide electrode enables detection of seams on sheets moving at speeds of up to 200 m/s.

4.     Stable output with timer functionThe ON/OFF-delay and one-shot timer functions enable stable output control even in an environment without a PLC.

5.     Automated setup: The E3X-ZV Series features OMRON’s smart tuning function, which automatically sets optimal sensitivity with just one press of the tuning button, based on the reflectance of the detection object.

6.     Cost-effective design: The E3X-MZV two-channel model option is designed to minimize components, simplify structures, and use OMRON’s proprietary two-channel technology to reduce the number of required sensors, ultimately reducing costs.

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