The new Safety Virtual Experience from OMRON provides a 360-degree view of safety solutions for factory floors in automotive and intralogistics applications. 

Reflecting the concept of the factory of the future, OMRON’s Safety Virtual Experience lets visitors dive deep into selected safety application areas. It also provides safety guides and detailed information on various safety solutions, such as emergency stops, laser scanners, door switches, safety light curtains, and grip switches. 

With the support of 3D animations, videos and presentations, the virtual experience allows health and safety managers and engineering managers to explore the various options for their applications and see how these could be implemented in real life. 

Josep Plassa, EMEA Safety Product Marketing Manager at OMRON Europe comments: “We are inspired by the idea of making safety concepts accessible for everyone in manufacturing. This virtual experience is a perfect guide for manufacturers transitioning from traditional to automated applications. It allows non-safety experts to discover, in a realistic and simple way, how safety solutions can be implemented in flexible manufacturing, in a factory where humans and machines interact continuously.”

In addition to the safety guides and applications, the visitors can also step inside a Safety Curiosities Lab where they can view short how-to videos on various safe automation topics. Thanks to these infomercials they can for example learn how to select the correct push button, or how to link emergency stops signals with machinery.

Plassa continues: “Safety experts can also benefit from the virtual experience and discover how the latest safety solutions together with OMRON’s safety services can improve productivity.” The Safety Virtual Experience demonstrates how OMRON’s solutions can help manufacturers sustain the highest possible levels of safety whilst reducing restart delays and waste for more sustainability.

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