RDS Technology’s Loadmaster 9000i, the on-board weighing scale for loaders, now offers an advanced data capture option of a bar code-capable scanner module. The Scanner Module is a software update to the Loadmaster allowing it to be coupled with a bar code reader keeping data entry simple. It allows the operator to input up to four different reference codes per load by ‘pointing and shooting’ instead of searching through menus. This enables the fast and efficient recognition of operational categories and direct entry into the system of an unlimited number of category references, for example customer, product, route or vehicle.

The software instructs the operator about the correct order in which to scan the bar codes and highlights codes that are out of sequence. It also includes a feature to eliminate ‘rogue’ bar codes that are not part of the system.

The collected data can be sent to a printer or be stored to the internal SD card port providing a straightforward transfer of data to a PC. This allows records to be kept of customer and product load summary details.

The Scanner Module is suitable for material handling applications where the precise entry of different types of data is required and distinction between products is paramount.