The most recent guard locking device from EUCHNER is the CTS. Its features include a high locking force, compact design and maximum flexibility. The switch is ideal for machines and factories where a high locking force is needed and the space available is limited.

Measuring only 135 x 31 x 31 mm in size, it delivers a maximum locking force of 3,900 N, which opens up a wide range of potential applications. The CTS can be installed in three different directions and is therefore suitable for both hinged and sliding doors. In addition, an escape release can be added at any time. This transponder-coded safety switch with guard locking provides the highest levels of safety.

What is the Euchner CTS switch?
The Euchner CTS switch is a compact and robust switch designed to ensure maximum safety and reliability in various applications. The switch is made of high-quality materials and can withstand harsh environmental conditions, making it suitable for use in different industries.

The switch comes with various actuator options allowing the switch to be configured to your application requirements. You can select the suitable actuator to activate the CTS device function required. The benefits speak for themselves: the user can change from guard locking for process protection to guard locking for personnel protection and select a high or low coding level as needed while keeping the same basic unit.

What does FlexFunction mean for the CTS?
The switch is configured and assigned its function when the actuator is taught-in for the first time. If the requirements change or the switch is relocated later on, all that needs to be done is to reconfigure the switch for its new function using a new actuator. Thanks to FlexFunction, the CTS safety switch is future-proof regarding any required retrofitting or conversion work and provides the additional benefits of smaller spare part inventories and more streamlined procurement processes.

All transponder-coded safety switches CTS are factory equipped with the following functions:

• Guard lock monitoring for protection of personnel
• Guard locking for process protection
• Transponder data evaluation with high coding level
• Transponder data evaluation with low coding level

All doors are open to you with this patented, one-of-a-kind EUCHNER FlexFunction system. You decide the conditions.

Easy to integrate into applications and systems
Applications for the CTS include everything from separate operation and series connection to linking to a higher control system level. The right connecting cable for any use can be selected from the range of versions with plug connectors or flying leads. Combining the CTS with an Euchner IO-Link Gateway additionally provides communication capabilities for Industry 4.0 applications enabling comprehensive diagnostics.

The system families BP and BR Devices in the BP and BR system families combined with an EUCHNER IO-Link Gateway can communicate and send process and device data in real time to an IO-Link master. Comprehensive diagnostic messages enable rapid and targeted troubleshooting.

BP devices are suitable for separate operation. In the BR version, up to 20 devices belonging to the BR system family can be connected in series. Devices with communication capability are identified by the Industry 4.0-ready logo.

Whether separate operation, series connection or linking to the higher-level control system using various communication standards – anything is possible thanks to the great flexibility offered by the CTS.

IO-Link and FlexFunction

Would you like to determine the current configuration of your device or conveniently perform a factory reset to reconfigure the device? The communication capabilities offered by the CTS can provide data and information to the control system and transmit commands to the switch.

In conclusion, the Euchner CTS Maximises flexibility and the result is a compact safety switch that produces a high locking force, is suitable for universal use in diverse installation orientations and can be mounted in various ways thanks to its expanded IO-Link communication capabilities and well-thought-out design. The CTS switch’s key innovation is the new FlexFunction feature, paves the way for new approaches to planning and operation.

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