E-commerce sales worldwide have grown dramatically over the last few years. Retail distribution and e-commerce organizations feel the pressure from this trend and customers’ accelerated delivery expectations.

To solve these challenges, they seek ways to increase throughput, efficiency, and order accuracy, as well as improve traceability. As a result, companies must adapt to keep their supplies moving.

Pallets are widely used throughout distribution centers across different industries for their low price and the versatility to store, stack, and protect bulk materials during transportation. They are conveyed using forklifts, pallet jacks, or conveyors.

Scanning codes on pallets helps track their contents as product enters and leaves the facility. In many logistics facilities, incoming pallets are scanned as they enter the facility and outgoing items are scanned as they are placed on pallets, which are then scanned as they are loaded onto the truck.

The codes applied on pallets contain vital information about the contents of the pallet which is used to route them to their appropriate locations. A pallet of material can contain many barcodes thus making decoding the right one extremely difficult. Pallets are usually wrapped with reflective materials such as tape or plastic and the labels can become damaged or fall off during transport or unloading which adds more uncertainty in decoding.


The Cognex Pallet Scanning System, powered by an innovative High-Speed Steerable Mirror (HSSM) and DataMan® 470 image-based barcode reader, effectively and accurately reads multiple barcodes on moving pallets, or high-profile packages on a conveyor.

Simple to install and easy to use, the Pallet Scanning System increases traceability, improves line efficiency, and reduces operational complexity by accurately reading codes from short working distances across a wide Field of View (FOV) with a single reader.

With built-in investment protection, the solution scales from a single side-mounted system to a multi-sided system to support future requirements, such as dock-door scanning.

Simple and cost-effective

Historically, pallet large-area scanning functions were complex. They required expensive, numerous machine vision systems or multiple laser-based barcode readers to successfully read varied barcodes within a wide FOV. The Pallet Scanning System delivers the value and performance of machine vision at a cost-effective price point. The High-Speed Steerable Mirror within the Pallet Scanning System provides the required coverage and speed in a single compact form factor. The solution can also be configured with an optional external mirror to solve applications with ultra-short working distances and tight clearances.

Easy to set up and deploy

Using the intuitive, web-based setup wizard, operators can set up a pallet scanning application in less than 5 minutes. Unlike static machine vision and rastering laser solutions, the mirror movement (scanning pattern) can be custom configured and optimized for each application’s specifications, ensuring the highest read rates in the shortest cycle times. Once deployed, Cognex Edge Intelligence monitors system performance by analyzing trends, monitoring configuration changes, and capturing no-read and failed validation images for further analysis.

Scalable single- and multi-sided solution

Modular and flexible by design, each system is built on a lightweight, strong, and adjustable aluminum frame that is optimized to belt height and width. Single-sided pallet scanning systems can be easily upgraded into multi-sided solutions and redeployed for evolving requirements (such as dock-door scanning), futureproofing your investment.

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