The most cost efficient alternative to mechanical grippers

piGRAB is a NEW VACUUM BASED GRIPPER HEAD suitable for Robot heads, end effectors or other pick and place applications.

Benefits on offer include:-

  • Softer than using existing pneumatic grippers
  • Compliant with many different shapes and forms
  • Able to grab sensitive objects such as glass, egg’s without causing breakage
  • High degrees of controllability
  • Low cost

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piGRIP® – The first modular suction cup on the market

Taking gripping to new dimensions

Versatility and productivity

A modular suction cup that fits most machines and that can be optimized for handling almost all materials. piGRIP®’s different lip types, optimized for various products to lift, ensure the right hardness/softness and sealing capability for your material. Combined with the firm bellows, piGRIP® is stable enough to handle faster accelerations and more high speed lifts as compared to traditional cups.

With traditional single durometer cups, where the lips and bellows are made of the same material, you either have to compromise on the grip or the machine handling speed. That is now history with piGRIP®, the efficient automation innovation from Piab.