On Stand L1 at Advanced Engineering, micro machining specialist, Rainford Precision, will once again take ‘micro’ innovation to another level with the UK premiere of the new line of Finepart micro abrasive waterjet machine tools.

Visitors to the Rainford Precision booth at Advanced Engineering will find an intriguing new method of cutting that will solve a raft of issues for aerospace professionals. Cutting common aerospace materials such as CFRP, glass, ceramic, aluminium alloys and other advanced materials will be easier with the new Finepart waterjet machine. In comparison to conventional methods such as milling, wire or die sink EDM; the Finecut waterjet system eradicates the issue of heat generation through machining. By processing parts without generating high temperatures, the Finepart waterjet series eliminates any structural or metallurgical concerns that are critical for the integrity of the finished part in the aerospace industry.

In comparison to established waterjet methods with somewhat limited precision levels, the Finecut line has a micro-fine jet of just 0.2mm with a positional accuracy of +/-2.5microns and an adjustable jet pressure from 500 to 4000bar. This will provide the aerospace, medical and motorsport industries with a solution that drastically improves precision. Furthermore, it can achieve productivity levels far superior to conventional EDM methods with flexibility far beyond more rigid machine tool configurations.

The Finecut micro abrasive waterjet system has been developed for small to medium size parts with a work area of 500mm by 500mm with a maximum cutting depth of 80mm. The FANUC CNC control system on the Finecut range is a familiar platform for most machine shops, making the new product line an easy to install, simple to set-up, flexible and astoundingly productive machine for processing advanced materials.

Rainford can offer ranges of drills, end mills, thread mills and circular saws for micro machining and hard material applications from brands such as Iwata, Xactform, Hobe, Louis Belet, Osawa and Union Tool. Added to this, Rainford also has a comprehensive line of Air Turbine Spindles with spindle speeds varying from 25,000 to 90,000rpm and the KERN range of micro machining centres. All of these brands will on show on Stand L1 at Advanced Engineering.