AVT Reliability continues to invest in developing the skills of its team of condition monitoring experts in Europe. This drives a world-class service, ensuring clients have confidence that they are safe in their hands.

Andy Fyfe, who has worked at AVT Reliability for more than seven years, has now become part of an exclusive group of Vibration Analysts boasting the Category IV status. 92 people worldwide are known to be qualified to Category IV by Mobius Institute with just seven within the UK, which includes Andy and another AVT Reliability employee, John Sykes, who became Category IV qualified in 2016.

This complex skill set has become necessary to address the shift in the market and the recognition of the need for condition monitoring to ensure plant and machinery reliability.

Frederic Thomas, managing director, AVT Reliability, said: “Customers are increasingly switching from traditional data collection and analysis support to more revolutionary remote monitoring and analysis approach using tools such as our Machine Sentry software. This enables them to collate and analyse all their monitoring data in one easy to reach, web based location. Automatic fault detection, in conjunction with telephone/web conference support, allows for the most accurate and speedy diagnosis wherever the customer is in the world.”

Machine Sentry itself has also been through some further development. Thomas said: “Additional diagnostic features resulting from our continuous development of Machine Sentry enables expert analysis capacity in line with the most renowned systems on the market today.”

With one of the largest teams of ISO certified condition monitoring engineers on its staff, the customer continues to be the key focus for AVT Reliability. AVT continues to support a multitude of industries such as pulp and paper, oil and gas, food and beverage, defence and chemical. Its goal remains to increase uptime, reduce maintenance costs and increase machine reliability, all of which aim to ultimately help the customer in meeting its operational objectives. Regular development of tools, such as Machine Sentry, enables the company to offer these services to all its customers.