Global leading freight forwarding specialist Rhenus Logistics has announced significant expansion into the Australasian territories. The business has launched Rhenus Logistics NZ, a major new subsidiary based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Officially opened on 20 August 2018, Rhenus Logistics NZ will provide a comprehensive international and domestic 4PL and 5PL solution for businesses in the region. The operation will also provide an in-depth customs consultancy service for users, ensuring compliance with global logistics legislation.


The development of a facility in New Zealand is the latest in a series of exciting expansions for Rhenus throughout the Australasian continent. Last year, Rhenus rolled out its presence across Australia, as part of the company’s growing air and ocean network.


Speaking of the development, Mark Harrison, managing director of Rhenus Logistics NZ, commented: “Despite New Zealand’s geographical distance between supply point and customer markets and the challenges this creates from an international logistics perspective, New Zealand remains a leading supplier for both the global dairy and agriculture industries.


“New Zealand commodities within these industries are seen as premium products, along with its clean, green image. We’ve been investing in the expansion of our network in the Asia-Pacific region for several years.


“We took over the Australian company O’Brien Logistics one year ago and integrated it within the Rhenus Group. We’ve also opened many new business sites, in territories including South Korea, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.”


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