RS Components (RS) is extending its portfolio of personal protection clothing with high-quality safety gloves in the innovative Showa range from Globus

These gloves offer protection for a diversity of hand protection requirements from the rigorous demands of maintenance engineers working in petrochemical, oil and gas, maritime, transport, and construction industries to the complexities of aerospace manufacturing.

The professional Showa range of high-performance protective gloves is ergonomically designed to optimise wearer-acceptance; helping site, facilities and health and safety managers reduce accident rates while delivering improved comfort, dexterity and productivity for workers, as well as reducing waste and costs. High-quality resistance tests, and hand inspection of every finished pair are carried out to avoid defects and help ensure that every Showa glove is fit for purpose.

Of particular note, the range includes the iconic Showa 310 and ground breaking Showa 306; two high-performing glove styles designed for heavy-duty manual handling. The Showa 310 is particularly effective for construction environments, as this general-purpose latex grip glove offers exceptional durability and a tactile feel, as well as outstanding grip in all conditions. The Showa 306 especially benefits those who work outdoors, because it has a water repellent and breathable coating, which provides dryness in the wet and reduced perspiration in warm conditions.

The Showa S-TEX 376, manufactured with Showa’s patented Hagane Coil technology, is an ideal solution for workers in most industries to safely and comfortably handle sharp or slippery objects, as they provide Level 4 (EN388) and 2280g (ISO 13997) blade cut resistance. The durable double-dipped three-quarter nitrile-coated base protects users from oils, grease and abrasion while an additional coating of nitrile foam covers the palm and fingertips to provide long lasting grip in wet and oily conditions.

Finally, the Showa 380 lightweight nitrile-foam assembly glove provides protection from oils, hydrocarbons, grease and abrasion, making it ideal for delicate tasks such as handling greasy or oily components. The embossed pattern on the palm of the glove encourages grease and oil to be channelled away, allowing optimal long lasting grip to be maintained. Designed for easy movement and continuous wear, the Showa 380 is also washable for convenient reuse.