Visitors to the Cirrus Research stand, F20, will be able to venture into its ‘sound tardis’ to test the latest innovations and products for measuring occupational and environmental noise, as well as attend a range of technical and educational demonstrations.

The Cirrus Research ‘sound tardis’ has been created to offer visitors a realistic environment in which to try out its range of products. The directional loudspeaker inside the ‘tardis’ is activated when a person enters, omitting a number of different sounds to replicate a range of environments such as a construction site, an airport and a racetrack. Visitors will be encouraged to enter the ‘sound tardis’ with a piece of noise monitoring equipment to test the performance of the products.

Cirrus Research will also be holding a number of educational demonstrations, covering topics such as ‘how to use Cirrus products to carry out noise assessments quickly and efficiently’.

Products on the stand will include the award-winning Optimus range of sound level meters (right) that incorporate the very latest technology in an easy to use design, allowing users to measure the most basic noise levels to specialist high level noise. The range covers the full spectrum of noise measurement needs for different applications and sectors and comprises instruments represented by a unique colour; Optimus Yellow, Red and Green. The Optimus Green is the newest edition to the range and is suitable for both health and safety and environmental measurements. Other products on the stand will include the doseBadge and the SoundSign. The doseBadge is small and lightweight, created to measure and record occupational noise exposure, assess the risk of noise induced hearing loss and help organisations implement a personal noise measurement programme.

The SoundSign is a highly visible, noise activated warning sign that has been designed for use in environments where there is a need to clearly warn or indicated when a preset noise level is reached.

Cirrus Research (Stand F20)

T: 0845 230 2434