SANHA®, one of the leading European manufacturers of piping systems, has launched a new range of copper alloy ball valves that are suitable for compressed air, water, heating, cooling and gas installations.

The new ball valves’ press ends make for fast and safe connections. One huge advantage over traditional products is the combipress feature. This means that the valves can be pressed with all original press profiles SA, V and M up to and including 54 mm. The benefit is obvious: No additional expensive tools must be procured, mix-ups on the construction site can be avoided and SKU proliferation is reduced.

SANHA’s ball valves are made from high-quality materials: the body is made from CW617N brass, while the press ends are made from lead-free silicon bronze CuSi (CW 724R). These materials ensure durability, corrosion resistance and compliance with drinking water regulations.

The ball valves are compatible with three types of pipes: copper pipes, NiroSan® stainless steel system pipes and SANHA®-Therm carbon steel pipes. They are available in sizes from 15 to 54 mm and have been tested and approved for reliable connections.

One of the advantages of the new ball valves is that they can be used in cooling systems where the handle must stick out of the insulation. For this purpose, SANHA® offers stem extensions in different sizes that can be easily attached to the valves.

According to a recent market report, the global demand for ball valves is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of a conservative 3-4 % from 2020 to 2027. The main drivers for this growth are the increasing use of ball valves in various industries such as oil and gas, power generation, chemical and petrochemical, among others.

The new copper alloy ball valves are part of SANHA®’s comprehensive range of products that meet the highest standards of quality, safety and sustainability. For more information, please visit or contact us at | +44 1628 819 245.