Automating your company’s in-house pallet transport does not have to be difficult, costly or time-consuming – we have made simple transport easier! Regardless of the size and type of your business, you now have the option to automate simple, continuous pallet, rack and container transport from A – B with the innovative driverless forklift truck, Global AGV – a standard product with short delivery time ready for installation in the existing production and warehouse environment in less than one week.
By automating manual pallet transports, you release time and employee resources for other value-adding tasks. With Global AGV you will make better use of your company’s resources, increase efficiency, and improve productivity.

The proven truck technology enhances your company’s safety by minimising damage and accidents in the warehouse, ensuring optimal internal logistics.

The driverless forklift trucks are an investment that brings you one step closer to the automated future where you will quickly experience increased competitiveness and improve the bottom line. An investment that releases human resources for more value-added tasks and increases the productivity of your business from Day 1!


  • 60% savings on simple pallet transports
  • Short payback period and no labour costs
  • Flexible and easy route changes
  • Dual mode with manual operation capability
  • Increased efficiency by working 24/7-365
  • Reduced damage to goods and equipment due to collisions
  • Improved work environment with safe transport
  • Release human resources for other tasks
  • Quick and easy installation and operation (Plug n’ Produce).
  • Standard product with short delivery time typically 3-4weeks
  • Short payback period

Global AGV is automation the easy way! We are the only supplier in the market to offer you an innovative standard product to handle your simple pallet transports from A – B. With flexible route changes to the driverless forklift trucks, you can easily and quickly install the AGV in your workflow.

What used to be a project solution for larger companies, we have now made a standard product available to both small and medium-sized enterprises.

And with a short payback period, you and your company are guaranteed economical driverless forklift trucks with proven technology at a competitive price.

We make sure that you get off to a great start – we offer training for your technicians so they can handle future installations, route setups and changes.

  • Easy installation and commissioning in just 2-3 days
  • Easy to integrate into existing environments
  • User-friendly standard application and interface
  • Flexible and simple route setup and changes
  • Dual mode with automatic or manual operation
  • Proven forklift truck technology
  • Pallet transport by signal exchange or push button function.



With flexible integration into existing environments, you have the option to install the AGV in multiple different work areas – also for long-distance transport.


  • At end-of-line, for example with palletising machines, wrappers and/or foil machines
  • For the delivery and collection of goods at fixed stations in production lines and warehouses
  • For the delivery and collection of goods in rows

… all simple A – B pallet transports.


With the user-friendly touch interface, you can access the full overview of the AGV’s workflow and system information. Whether you access the AGV’s interface via your computer, tablet, or phone, you will always encounter the same simple interface, making your work more efficient and flexible.


Using a natural feature-based navigation system, the area is scanned and mapped, allowing the AGV to easily navigate the existing production or warehouse environment. It is very simple to map the Global AGV yourself – you or your colleague simply drive it around the environment and the route will be determined.

The AGV navigates with a laser system at a 360° field of view, which detects the surroundings so it can continually manoeuvre according to the planned routes. Should your logistics flow change, then the high flexibility allows you to change and map the route according to your new flow.


We offer you a service agreement, when you invest in a Global AGV. That way we can ensure that you will get the most out of your purchase. With a service agreement, you are guaranteed service by trained service technicians who are ready to come to you and perform the required servicing, ensuring you maximum uptime and the full benefit of your AGV.

Finpromach Ltd is proud to announce this new dealership with Global AGV powered by BILA A/S for their innovative automated pallet handling solution.

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