Open Shuttle Store from KNAPP

Open Shuttle Store is the new robotic storage system from automation provider, KNAPP. Featuring automated mobile robots (AMRs) called Store Bots that move through the system to store and retrieve containers, Open Shuttle Store is ideal for growing SMEs. As well as offering short delivery and installation times, this modular solution can be easily adapted to meet future needs. Open Shuttle Store provides a cost-efficient, stand-alone and scalable storage solution for low to medium throughputs. As well as storage and retrieval tasks, the Store Bots can transport containers to any work zone in the factory or warehouse. They run on battery power, recharging themselves between tasks. The load-handling device on the Store Bot can handle two containers at a time and the integrated lifter ensures that all rack levels can be reached. Containers weighing up to 35 kg are stored double-deep in the rack units, which can be of unlimited width and length and up to 4 m tall.

The Open Shuttle Store solution features intelligent fleet management using KiSoft FCS, KNAPP’s fleet control software. This allows transport routes to be created, simulated and changed with just a few clicks of a mouse. Changes can be tested in advance using the KiSoft FCS digital twin.

Open Shuttle Store is a highly versatile solution that can also be used as a buffer system or for goods-to-person order picking.


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