SCHUNK, one of the world-wide competence leaders for gripping systems and clamping technology, will be at the Manufacturing & Engineering North East (MENE) exhibition at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle, July 5-6, stand D13. The German manufacturer will be showing a variety of new and established toolholding and workholding product lines.

SCHUNK will be emphasising the benefits of its TENDO E compact hydraulic expansion toolholder at the event. Capable of reducing set-up times by up to 80 per cent whilst generating 2000Nm of torque, the TENDO E compact delivers micron precision for a host of machining applications. With this precision toolholder, even demanding applications with tight tolerances on the form, position and surface finish can be rapidly and reliably machined. The TENDO E compact demonstrates a tool life extension of 300 per cent and tool changeovers in seconds.

Alongside the Tendo E compact, SCHUNK will once again be demonstrating the capabilities of its ROTA-S Plus chuck. With an optimised wedge bar drive system, a jaw change time of less than 60 seconds and an improved lubricant system, the ROTA-S Plus ensures a consistently high clamping force that exceeds the performance from alternate lathe chucks. Higher rotational speeds and cutting speeds are possible; users can apply more efficient cutting strategies that shorten the manufacturing time.

The North East show will give attendees an opportunity to see the new GSW-M Magnetic Gripper, a vacuum gripper for spindle interfaces that is ideal for handling flat components. In the field of automatic loading and unloading of machining centers, the GSW-M Magnetic Gripper provides a compressed air and collant supply via the tool mounting. The advantages of the system are that end users can benefit from a low-price module for flexible automation in the machine tool. The new system provides automated changeover from the gripper to the storage rack, providing fully automated workpiece changeover without a robot or gantry system interface. The universal GSW-M Magnetic Gripper can be configured to suit a wide variety of workpieces.