Pharmacy and healthcare consumables provider, Valley Northern, has teamed up with SmartFreight, a multi-carrier dispatch software supplier, to transform its order processing and tracking system. The new system will simplify the order distribution process, reduce costs and provide improved tracking capabilities for customers and staff alike.

With many pharmacies around the UK experiencing increased financial and efficiency pressures, Valley Northern is continuously seeking opportunities to improve its customer’s experience, as well as providing cost saving opportunities.

SmartFreight is an Australian-based multi-carrier software provider that has recently launched its services into the UK market. By implementing this software Valley Northern has reduced its overall distribution spend and now provides customers the opportunity to manage their order from the moment it is placed.

“We’re serious about investing in and developing new and innovative products for our customers and have always aimed to transfer those objectives into the administrative side of the business,” said Dale Pittock, sales director at Valley Northern. “By using SmartFreight we can provide our customers with the most cost-effective method of shipping, as well as supply the customer with more information than ever before.

“Our customers now receive automated emails that provide them with all details of their shipment, including full tracking information. This means they don’t need to contact our customer care team to receive updates on the status of their order.

“SmartFreight’s reporting capabilities has also helped Valley Northern to simplify its internal process and order monitoring by providing full visibility over their freight shipments, which is what we were looking for.”

SmartFreight also links directly with Valley Northern’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system meaning customers can make edits to parts of their order, like the address, directly into the order system rather than having to contact a service agent to make an alteration.