In the world of business, efficiency is often the key to success. Shrewd Industrial Ltd, a notable player in the industrial workplace equipment solutions sector is making waves with its 5-day delivery plan and innovative bundle package pricing. These strategic initiatives, driven by the company’s low overheads, are not only reshaping industry standards but also proving to be a game changer for businesses seeking quality products and prompt delivery.

James Blaxland, Managing Director at Shrewd Industrial explains ‘The industrial workplace equipment sector has traditionally been associated with long lead times, complex pricing structures, and unpredictable delivery schedules. We recognise these pain points and while some materials do of course organically carry longer lead times, we can provide thousands of offerings within just a few short days. Our purposely low overheads means we can bring about this positive change and by streamlining our logistics and supply chain we can offer our customers what they want in a cost effective and time efficient manner. This effectively means that businesses no longer need to wait for weeks on end to receive essential products and they can keep their operations running smoothly’.

Competitive Pricing: The “Bundle Package Pricing” is another ace up Shrewd Industrials sleeve. By leveraging their low overheads, the company offers cost effective bundle packages that simplify pricing for customers. This approach eliminates complexities, providing businesses with greater cost predictability and transparency. James continues “Our catalogue and website pages which include standard pricing, merely illustrate what we offer in terms of products by category. We indeed implement pricing flexibility on bundle packages which allows businesses to tailor their orders while still benefiting from reduced pricing. We can also be extremely competitive when it comes to single item orders too. Our whole ethos is to make life easier for our customers whilst building relationships that go beyond just a business transaction. We are a forward thinking company dedicated to providing efficiency and sustainability and encourage any business in the market for new industrial workplace equipment to get in touch with us and let us know their requirements so we can demonstrate this positive impact and provide them with the support and service they need.’

In an era where efficiency, transparency, and sustainability are paramount, Shrewd Industrials 5-day delivery plan and bundle package pricing are a breath of fresh air. These initiatives showcase the company’s commitment to delivering not just products, but value to their customers.

To discuss your specific industrial workplace equipment requirements or to request Shrewd Industrials latest catalogue contact 01743 612028 or email