Slip Guardian has been launched by Surface Control to test a range of floor surfaces for potential slip hazards to protect business owners, staff and ­customers against personal injury, healthcare costs and potential litigation

According to the UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) slip accidents represent the highest proportion of all workplace accidents and cost UK employers around £512 million each year in lost productivity. To meet this growing problem, Slip Guardian has been launched by Surface Control.

Slip Guardian utilises the latest microprocessor technology to make the proactive measurement and monitoring of floor surfaces as easy and convenient as cleaning them.

Mark Collins, managing director of Surface Control says: “Company owners and managers have a legal responsibility to ensure a safe environment for their staff and customers – that includes ensuring that floor surfaces are safe and slip resistant. But until the public launch of Slip Guardian it has been time consuming and expensive to proactively guard against ubiquitous slip hazards. Testing is usually only carried out by specialist consultants using heavy and difficult-to-use equipment and ironically, most floor inspections are performed forensically, after an accident has occurred and whilst the lawyers have their meters running.”

Slip Guardian has been designed for ease of use, with a compact and lightweight form factor. The new device enables the accurate and convenient assessment of slip hazards by almost anyone who has been through a simple and straightforward half-day’s training. The low-cost system has been priced attractively to encourage any business to make slip hazard testing and recording a part of its ongoing safety and maintenance regime.

Slip Guardian therefore enables all businesses from retail and industrial premises to hotels and restaurants to be proactive when dealing with issues of floor safety.

How does Slip Guardian work?

Slip Guardian measures floor coefficient of resistance (CoE) and converts it to slip resistance value (SRV). The new device provides SRV for most floors in most places: from commercial kitchens and washrooms, to bathrooms and leisure centres. Slip Guardian will provide effective results on wet and dry surfaces in open places and enclosed spaces.

Readings can be recorded locally via Slip Guardian’s LED display, or they can be stored electronically in memory and downloaded to a computer using a built-in data port. Slip Guardian measurements embody the testing principles of UKSG and the equipment conforms to BS 7976. Slip Guardian has been tested and evaluated by the Building Research Establishment (BRE), Watford, UK.

Measure and record

Slip Guardian brings industry experience and technology together to make it convenient and straightforward to establish a track record for floor safety. In addition to simplifying the process of performing accurate measurements and monitoring, Surface Control also provides a unique online portal where results can be stored and reported.

Visibility of the data which is generated and stored by Slip Guardian enables companies to track progress towards better risk management of slip hazards. This establishes an audit trail of testing, and demonstrates best practice in floor safety and accident avoidance – good working habits together with an accountable system demonstrates a serious approach to safety. It also provides the information needed to build an action plan where improvement is needed.

Green sweeper-scrubber

The first Hybrid combination sweeper-scrubber, the Nilfisk CS7000, is said to be acclaimed for its ecological credentials. The unit is available in three models: LPG-Hybrid, diesel-hybrid & ePower battery and was designed to reduce the cost of operation, labour and maintenance, whilst effectively increasing fuel economy and runtime efficiency.

The CS7000 utilises state-of-the-art electric drive technology enabling reduced emissions with the LPG and diesel models and emission free indoor operation with the E Power technology on the battery models. The electric Hybrid technology means the engine drives a large ­alternator to generate electricity and a 36-volt battery pack provides energy storage. This Hybrid system provides for a fuel saving of up to 30 per cent. The hybrid technology allows for smaller more compact equipment and lower fuel consumption. Together with the option of the Nilfisk Ecoflex system the CS7000 range provides a formidable ecological solution efficient in ­industrial cleaning. Dedicated sweeping and scrubbing functions ensure that debris remains dry without introducing scrub solution or water into the debris hopper.


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Trim floor topping

The Swedish flooring manufacturer CFF recently launched the CFF Trim floor topping product on the UK market. In partnership with the flooring contractor, IGS, the product will be shown at trade-shows throughout 2012.

The product was developed specifically for the renovation of uneven, poor-quality industrial floors. Its functional benefit is unique as, unlike traditional resins or screeds, it can be laid over concrete slab expansion joints without the inevitability of cracking. The product has strong bonding properties preventing separation from the sub-floor below. CFF offers a 10-year adhesion and crack guarantee.

CFF Trim is said to be low cost and can be installed on poor patchwork surfaces with only a minimum of floor preparation. Peter Nicander, IGS Group product manager says: “We started selling the product in Scandinavia two years ago and the regional office doubled its turnover. For bad quality floors it’s the most cost-effective solution I’ve come across… and it lasts”. Customers included DHL, Volvo and ABB.


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