A high-performance intralogistics solution helps tyre manufacturers respond flexibly to individual customer specifications, lot sizes and optimises operating costs. This in turn boosts efficiency and makes the companies more competitive. Over the years, Interroll components have provided energy-efficient drive solutions to the tyre industry sector, including its 24V RollerDrive, a key high-performance product for optimizing production flows.

High-quality key products are pivotal to achieving top-notch overall performance, especially for sophisticated logistics systems. Roller conveyors can be used to speed up, slow down or accumulate products of various sizes and shapes, allowing these types of systems to operate as “rolling warehouses”. For instance, they can be used for tyres of different weights and sizes.

Interroll’s roller drive, which consists of a brushless 24V AC drive integrated into a conveyor roll, is suitable for various types of conveying systems. The basic purpose of the drive is to allow decentralization and modularization of zero-pressure accumulation conveyors. Interroll’s roller drives allow materials to flow steadily and efficiently, feature low energy consumption and environmental impact, reduce maintenance and cut operating costs.

Interroll is the world’s leading supplier of intralogistics products and solutions. The company conducts its own research and development, manufactures up to ten million conveyor rolls annually and is an internationally recognized supplier of key products for conveying systems in this industry.

Interroll partner with systems integrators, plant engineering and construction companies to offer 24V conveying systems as a flexible solution for optimally automating distribution centres in the tyre manufacturing industry. The company’s solutions can generate energy savings of up to fifty percent.

“Given the growing competition and changing production specifications, the tyre manufacturing industry is particularly well-suited to expanding the use of automation to improve the efficiency, productivity, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of its plants,” says Maurizio Catino, Industry Sales Manager at Interroll’s Automotive and Tyre division.

The tyre industry is an important part of Interroll’s vertical, global sales organization. “We understand the needs of tyre manufacturers and can supply innovative conveying and drive solutions that offer significant economic and environmental benefits,” adds Catino.

Interroll works with leading systems integrators around the world and offers both a high-quality product and all of the technical expertise and support required to build tyre manufacturing plants, of which automated conveying systems form a key component. Numerous international tire makers, including Goodyear, Continental and Pirelli, count on Interroll products.