Spaciotempo strongly believes that the key to a successful business is having the space and time to grow. The market leader in temporary buildings has a proud history, spanning more than four decades, of supporting companies across the UK to achieve this aim.
Whether a business sinks or swims can be down to something as simple as having the production or storage space to fulfil a new order.
For this reason, it has become increasingly important to firms’ futures that they can expand quickly and effectively when customer-demand dictates.
And it is certainly true that flexibility has never been more vital to winning new contracts than in recent years when financial challenges have come thick and fast.
Savvy businesses are well-aware of these pivotal factors and have taken action to ensure they stand the test of time.
They have called upon the years of expertise and knowledge offered by the dedicated team at Spaciotempo.
It has a solid reputation for its high-quality, bespoke warehouses which can be erected within a matter of weeks, enabling companies to react to
 new orders.
Whether it is a basic 5m x 5m standard box building or a large, multi-linked warehouse that a company requires, Spaciotempo is on hand to help.
C&C Group turned to the company when it needed 7,500sqm of additional semi-permanent warehousing to store its export brand of Bulmers Cider.
To accommodate an increase in demand, not just in the UK and Ireland, but also in Europe and the Middle East, the company installed a new manufacturing unit at is production plant in Clonmel, Tipperary.
As a result, additional storage prior to distribution was required, which is where Spaciotempo came into the equation. 
Due to the large amount of space needed, five buildings measuring 30m x 50m on a 6m eave were installed.
Initially, Bulmers decided to hire the building as there was uncertainty surrounding the long-term level of demand. This flexible option meant it could pay in monthly instalments, reducing financial pressure.
However, after a few years and with demand continuing to rise, Bulmers decided to purchase the temporary building.
Spaweb Ltd in Accrington shared a similar success story after working with Spaciotempo.
The leading textile company got in touch when it required extra warehouse space to store its yarn.
The stock had previously been kept in the main factory but was taking up vital space where additional machinery could be located to boost operational capacity.
The company was faced with two options – to go through the costly and lengthy process of constructing a permanent building or to explore the possibility of installing a temporary structure.
Managing Director Mark Bellhouse drew on his previous experience of working with Spaciotempo and decided it offered the perfect solution.
And his prediction proved to be spot on with Spaweb Ltd’s turnover rising from £3 million before the Neivalu-style building was installed in 2016 to approximately £6 million in 2018.
Thanks to the 10m x 13m x 6m structure, the company was also able to increase the amount of operational equipment in its permanent building by 80 per cent and employ an additional 15 people.
Mark said: “The temporary building was key to the successful expansion of Spaweb Ltd. The additional space provided by the warehouse means that we can have much more stock available on site. This gives us an edge over our competitors as we have the ability to respond immediately to urgent orders.”
An increase in storage space does not always come in the shape of a temporary building, with some companies opting for a dual-purpose canopy.
Supplier of bathrooms and associated accessories Kartell, based at The Manton Centre in Bedford, wanted to protect its staff and stock when the winter weather arrived.
It contacted Spaciotempo which recommended the installation of a 240sqm shelter. The canopy can accommodate four vehicles at any one time, enabling drivers to park under cover and staff to remain dry while loading and unloading the vans.
To save vital space in the warehouse, pallets can also be stored underneath the structure which measures 12m x 20m with a bespoke eave height of 5m on one side and 5.5m on the other to accommodate the slightly sloping surface.

Simon Beck, Head of Finance at Kartell, said: “The canopy is serving a great purpose for us. The drivers have found it beneficial and it has made a big difference to the team in the warehouse who load and unload goods around 20 times a day. It also acts as an additional area to store stock that is being collected, freeing up space it the warehouse.”