Leading manufacturer of dry ingredients conveying and bulk bag handling, Spiroflow, is offering businesses a supply chain cost benefit by including foil or plastic bag liners within their woven bulk bags.

Working closely with leading bag liner suppliers, Spiroflow’s bulk bag filling equipment can now integrate these liners, which, following a nitrogen purge and heat sealing process, can significantly extend product shelf life. The innovative solution will be of particular interest to producers of nuts, seeds, coffee beans, dried fruits or any manufacturers in the pharmaceutical or chemical sectors who could benefit from extended product storage.

Commenting on the initiative, Spiroflow’s James Podevyn, said: “Traditionally when bag filling, the bag would be inflated with air before filling commences. Filling it with nitrogen instead eliminates any oxygen within the bag and after fill the bag can be left inflated or vacuumed, then heat sealed, thereby no air can get in or out. Bacteria feeds on oxygen so by removing it, products can last longer and shelf life will be increased.

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