In March of this year Stop Slip, the UK’s Anti Slip Specialists will celebrate 10 years of successful trading in the demanding health and safety industry. Stop Slip supply some of the World’s top companies and organisations with the best anti slip products available, along with expert advice on how to reduce the risk of a person slipping in the workplace.

In the last decade Stop Slip has worked with many different business sectors to reduce the risk of slips including in the Rail, Construction, Oil & Gas, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Food Processing, Retail & Marine Industries.
If a client requires an onsite slip test, Stop Slip will organise a site visit to undertake the test and will supply a report including the PTV (Pendulum Test Value) results and advise if any action needs to be taken.
Over the next few months in the Factory Equipment magazine, Stop Slip will be highlighting common areas where slips can occur and will offer their readers solutions to help them reduce accidents in their workplace, along with an offer of a 10% discount off of their products! Simply mention the Factory Equipment magazine when placing an order.
In the next issue of the Factory Equipment Magazine, Stop Slip will highlight the issues of Chequer Plate stair cases and what solutions are available to reduce the risk of slipping on these notoriously slippery types of surfaces.
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