Henkel is offering a compehensive range of hazard label free engineering ­adhesives that cover the lion’s share of applications. These Loctite products are as effective and in some cases even more effective than alternatives that carry health and safety ­symbols. What’s more the ­­

hazard-free, high performance of the Loctite Health and Safety range is available at no ­additional cost to the end user. The Loctite brand has always aimed towards a strong health and safety ethos with its R&D being driven by sustainability and responsibility. Continuous development has led to the introduction of the hazard label free Loctitie 2400 and 2700 threadlcking products and now these have been joined by others with similar credentials. In addition to dedicated threadlocking adhesives the new Loctite Health and Safety range now also encompases thread sealing, gasketing and retaining.

The range is designed to make the COSHH assessment and ­acceptance process for engineering adhesives as easy as possible. Instead of safety sheets running to maybe a dozen pages, all the details needed for these products are in just four.


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