You’d be forgiven for purely thinking ‘storage’ when you think of warehousing but at Smart-Space we supply warehouses for all kinds of reasons. What is most interesting is that we can supply an instant building for storage and then, next time we visit, it might have become a workshop! Sometimes, it has even been relocated to a new part of the client site. But that’s the beauty of a flexible warehouse, making sure it can change in line with your needs.

Antony Hunt, Smart-Space MD, has made it his life’s work to create solutions that are flexible. “Why would you tie someone up in a contract they can’t change, terminate or extend?” he asks. To reflect this approach, Smart-Space arrangements are incredibly flexible. You can hire or purchase – or you can change your mind and purchase part-way through your agreement. You can off-hire at any time at all – unheard of generally – with just a week’s notice. The team can also, quite easily, extend or reduce the size of the building.

What’s important is that no one really knows what the future holds and so, being able to flex, adapt and react is vital. For many Smart-Space clients, it is this flexibility that means their business can continue in the right direction.

Andy Hall, Technical Director at Mac’s Trucks in Huddersfield, likes the flexibility the Smart-Space buildings provide. “We have used them for different things over the years, from fabrication, paint booth to electrics and now crane building. The buildings give us the space to move things around and even relocate them. With sixteen different stages of our manufacturing process to manage this is really valuable”.

Making the most of the space is really important too. The newer range of Maxi-Space buildings offer a vast, uninterrupted floor space which is ideal for warehousing as the space can be fully utilised, from floor to the eaves, with maximum ability to manoeuvre fork-lifts and other equipment. Smart-Space worked with Sertec in Birmingham to create a long-term, Maxi-Space solution to house the company’s finished goods. The build challenges included extreme time pressures, a requirement for height to accommodate Sertec’s fleet of VNA trucks and uninterrupted storage space.

“Being flexible is all-encompassing” explained Antony Hunt. “It’s not just about the building itself but it’s also very much to do with the terms of the agreement and the supplier you’re working with. Flexibility has to be a 360 approach in our opinion.”