The new tax on non-reusable plastic containers or the measures that will be applied from this summer have boosted the race towards sustainable packaging.

Renowned brands such as Don Simón, Mahou San Miguel, Primaflor or Carretilla will share their projects in more recyclable and biodegradable packaging at Pick&Pack 2023

Madrid, April 5, 2023 – The packaging sector is immersed in an urgent transformation to adapt to the regulation that came into force on January 1 and whose purpose is to encourage the circular economy. With the application of the standard, this 2023 is marking the starting point of the transition towards compliance with the new European packaging recycling targets for 2025 and 2030.

One of the measures that is having an impact on all industries that require packaging, such as food and beverages, textiles, retail, cosmetics and beauty, or electronics, is the special tax on non-reusable plastic containers. In figures, the tax is 45 euro cents for each kilo of non-recycled plastic that the product contains, which must be paid by the manufacturer when the taxable event occurs when the merchandise is manufactured; the importer, if it is an import or intra-community acquisition; or those who own, market, transport or use the product, if it refers to a case of irregular possession. However, medicine containers, sanitary products, food for medical use or plastics used in bales for silage for agricultural use are exempt from payment.

Likewise, the Royal Decree on packaging and packaging waste indicates that from this June businesses of 400 m² or more must allocate at least 20% of their sales area to the offer of products presented without primary packaging, including bulk sales. or through reusable packaging; or that from this July the promoters of festive, cultural or sporting events must implement alternatives to the sale of beverages in single-use containers and glasses.

As a burning challenge that concerns professionals who need sustainable solutions in packaging, Pick&Pack 2023, the benchmark innovation summit for industrial professionals looking for a partner in intralogistics, logistics and packaging, will put this question on the table and show different successful answers. that are currently being taken.

What is sustainable packaging?

Current legislation to reduce packaging waste has meant a change for many companies to which they have to adapt if they do not want to lose business capacity. The National Congress of Packaging 4.0, which is held within the framework of Pick&Pack 2023, from April 25 to 27 at IFEMA Madrid, will be the place where organizations such as the Enplater Group, Knauf Industries Spain or the Packaging cluster will explain the way they are introducing the regulation and how it affects them in their day to day, in addition to sharing the evolution that companies have to make in order to be within the legal framework. In this sense, sustainable packaging is one of the responses in which many projects are being supported and it is for this reason that Santiago Tesi, Marketing & Innovation Director of Lecta; Carlos Monerris, ITENE Director of Technology Transfer and Market; Albert Negre, Director of Buergofol Iberica; and Sofia Garin, Project Manager at Inèdit, will reveal what it is based on and the criteria that must be followed for a container to be truly respectful of the environment.

Alternative materials to stimulate circularity

Reducing the percentage of new plastic in each product is the answer that makes it possible to avoid the tax, so the use of alternative materials based on innovation and research is a formula that many companies are reproducing. In this sense, the 7th Alimarket Mass Consumer Packaging Solutions Meeting, which will take place within the framework of Pick&Pack 2023, will present different solutions that are already on the market and that meet sustainable objectives. Raül Carles, Director of R&D and Head of Purchasing and Operations at Nomen Foods, will present a reusable glass container for “ready to eat” rice; while Carlos Olmos, Commercial and Marketing Director at Primaflor, will exhibit the biodegradable bags they use to wrap their vegetables. Likewise, Oriol Bertran, Marketing Director of the Incasa Group, will show the containers of household cleaning and textile care products made with 100% recycled or recyclable material or even that exclude plastic.

In turn, representatives of large companies such as García-Carrión, which has well-known brands such as Don Simón in its portfolio; the Grupo Industrias Alimentarias de Navarra, which has a wheelbarrow; Mahou San Miguel, Choví or Argal Alimentación, will share their own milestones in the production of compostable and circular packaging, which reduce or eliminate the new plastic. In the same way, Pick&Pack 2023 will delve into niches such as sustainable packaging for wet pet food, led by Luis Ramón Martínez, General Director at Petselect; or in packaging within supermarkets and retail chains, together with Amaya Prat, Director of R+D+i & Sustainability of the Ametller Origen Group.

The most innovative packaging solutions

In addition to revealing the latest trends and achievements in sustainable packaging, Pick&Pack 2023 will have an exhibition area in which more than 180 firms such as MSC, Antalis, DHL, Grupo CTC, LPR, Tetra Pack, Adecco, Carreras, Element Logic, Elopak, Fieldeas , GXO, Jungheinrich, Knauf Industries, Markem-Imaje, Sage, Grupo Sesé, SP Group, Swisslog, System Logistics, Toyota, ULMA, among many others, will show solutions in labeling and coding, packaging and materials for all types of packaging.

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