With energy costs escalating, attention has never been more focused on insulation and thermal efficiency. For all loading bays, options that were previously only considered for cold stores are proving to be cost effective options with the energy savings they provide.

ThermoFrame from Hörmann can improve the thermal efficiency of sectional loading bay doors by providing a thermal break between the door frame and the fabric of the building. When ThermoFrame is fitted with the Hörmann SPU insulated loading bay door the company claims a 20 per cent improvement in thermal insulation can be achieved. It is also said that an even more impressive 40 per cent improvement is possible when fitted with the new UPVC locating and lintel profiles available with the double insulated DPU sectional door. The success of the SPU sectional door, that features 42mm thick CFC free rigid PU foam insulation, has lead to the development of a new insulated version of Hörmann’s High Speed Spiral Door. This door the HS7030PU replaces the traditional two door solution of a high speed curtain for daytime use and a sectional outer door or roller shutter for night time security. The original version of this door was selected by Asda for its Didcot distribution centre and was estimated, by independent consultants, to provide savings that would recover their cost within two years.

Designed from scratch, the new door leaf incorporates 42mm thick insulation which also gives strength as well as improved thermal and acoustic insulation. Connecting hinges between sections are another new Hörmann design feature that add stability leading to increased reliability and a longer service life.

These latest products are further examples of Hörmann’s commitment to new product development to meet the changing needs of its customers