TP3 Global, supplier of thermal protective covers for the cool chain, has launched SilverQuilt, a multimodal, next-generation thermal protection.

The SilverQuilt achieves temperature protection for valuable, sensitive cargo, such as controlled room temperature (15oC to 25°C) pharmaceuticals, due to its specialist composition of multi-layered materials, and is able to protect freight within predefined temperature limits for extended periods during breaks within controlled supply chain lanes. SilverQuilt’s enhanced performance can provide protection for both +15oC to +25°C and +2oC to +8oC pharmaceutical products.

The product’s construction insulates all areas of the pallet effectively, particularly areas that are at the highest risk of rapid temperature change, such as edges and corners. Its highly reflective outer skin protects against rapid temperature build up when in direct sunlight, extending the protection time when on the tarmac.

In addition, SilverQuilt is water resistant and provides resistance against theft. It can also be shipped and delivered cost-effectively due to its compressible design.

Peter Lockett, director at TP3 Global, said: “Breaks in the cold chain are a serious issue for the pharmaceutical supply chain, with valuable stock often sitting on the tarmac for hours at a time. With the introduction of SilverQuilt, pharma manufacturers can take a balanced approach, matching cost-effective protection with well managed supply chains.”

Prior to its launch, SilverQuilt underwent testing as part of an extensive research and development process at TP3 Global’s advanced technical centre in Redditch, UK. The material was subjected to hot and cold environmental chamber testing, virtual cold chain simulation and thermal resistance (or R-value) testing. The test data, which was compiled by the company’s team of packaging technologists, will now be available to customers who undertake a risk-based approach in order to comply with Good Distribution Practice (GDP).

Lockett continued: “Our existing products, such as SilverSkin, have achieved a solid reputation in the market, being tested, approved and now used by many of the worlds leading pharmaceutical manufacturers. SilverQuilt is the next logical step to support customers looking to protect controlled room temperature (CRT) freight.

“With logistics providers improving the quality of controlled supply chain lanes, there are more options to utilise more cost effective thermal protection on palletised cargo.”

“The launch of SilverQuilt arrives at an exciting time for our business, as we continue global expansion and further establish ourselves as one of the leading providers of thermal protection solutions.

“The additional launch of the TP3 Technical Centre this year has increased our capacity to test materials beyond the identification of an R-value. The data this facility provides will support customer decisions on which insulation materials suit certain lanes, support them in taking a risk-based approach towards GDP and provide documented evidence for quality assurance and best practice.”