Equipment Manufacturer & Clean Label Developer Run Plant-Based Mayonnaise Trials in Joint Project

In the UK, consumer demand for plant-based products has boomed in the past few years, leading to an explosion in plant-based NPD across a wide variety of sectors. For instance, since 2017, plant-based mayonnaises & dressings have experienced a CAGR[1] of 16.6%[2]!

In response, Ulrick & Short & Silverson Machines have worked together to demonstrate the manufacture of a plant-based mayonnaise application, utilising U&S’s latest clean-label egg replacement technologies, and Silverson’s high viscosity in-line mixers.

Clean Egg Replacement Ingredient Solutions

Ulrick & Short have developed a new ingredient specifically for plant-based mayonnaise & dressing applications. The ingredient, called ovaproxTM 11, is the latest addition to the company’s egg replacement range. ovaproxTM 11 has dual functionality, firstly acting to replace the emulsification function of egg in mayonnaise, and secondly acting as a stabiliser, meaning the product does not require the addition of hydrocolloids with less consumer-friendly declarations, such as like guar and xanthan gum.

ovaproxTM 11 carries with it a clean-label declaration, as well as being non-GMO, and allergen free – ensuring consumer friendly ingredient declarations.

High Viscosity In-Line Mixers 

Silverson’s range of high viscosity In-Line mixers has been developed for the manufacture of products such as sauces, including ketchup, mayonnaise and sweet sauces and for applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries. Silverson’s Flashmix powder/liquid mixers are also suitable for higher viscosity products where large amounts of powders need to be dispersed and hydrated. Silverson offer mixers suitable for the production volumes of mayonnaise from 10 to 500L. In addition a full range of equipment from laboratory scale to full production is available for other applications, meaning the results obtained in the laboratory can easily be reproduced on the production floor.

Ulrick & Short’s R&D Technologist, Tobias Powell, said “ovaproxTM 11 doesn’t only replace the functionality of the egg in emulsifying, but it also acts as a stabiliser. This means the mayonnaise doesn’t require the addition of hydrocolloids, which often carry label declarations that are not always perceived as positive by consumers, such as gums.”

Powell added, “ovaprox 11 is one of 3 formulations which have been tailored to work at different oil content levels – anything from a 50% to 70% oil recipe. This ensures the product is stable throughout manufacturing, and that the oil and aqueous phases do not separate, or ‘break’. It also provides the thick texture & creamy mouthfeel characteristic of a ‘conventional’ mayonnaise.”

Lesley Smith, New Product Development Engineer at Silverson said “Following on from the success of our Flashmix Powder/Liquid mixers, we’ve developed a pilot scale version. This new mixer is an ideal mixing system for recipe and process development. Large enough to represent full scale production and producing sufficient batches for consumer testing, yet small enough to be bench-mounted and used in a test kitchen.”

Smith added, “Using the innovative pumping rotor design, high viscosity products such as Mayonnaise can be successfully mixed on this hygienic pilot scale mixer. Designed with scale-up in mind, processes can easily be scaled up to larger Silverson mixers such as the Mayonnaise plant, achieving consistent results without the need for reformulating.”


About Ulrick & Short

Ulrick & Short is a leading Clean Label ingredients specialist, supplying household name food manufacturers across the world with clean-label, gluten-free, non-GM, and organic ingredients, and innovating across a diverse range of food industry sectors including bakery, meat, dairy, soups, and sauces. The company is AA BRC accredited, has a team of dedicated food technologists based in the UK & Holland, and works hand in hand with customers to maximise value from product development.

As of March 2021, Novax AB acquired a majority stake in Ulrick & Short. Novax AB is a European long-term investor and operating partner. The investment arm of Stockholm based, €8bn, family-owned Axel Johnson Group. Building on a near 150-year history, they are long-term in their approach and have no exit strategy in their commitments. Partnering up with quickly growing, sustainable companies sharing a long-term vision of business growth, their commitment is to build and support leading and profitable businesses over the long haul.

About Silverson

Established in 1946, for more than 75 years Silverson has specialised in the manufacture of quality high shear mixers for processing and manufacturing in industries as diverse as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, luboils and petrochemicals. A truly global company, Silverson is represented by a network of associated companies, distributors and agents in over 50 countries across 6 continents.

Silverson has become the world leader in the field of high shear mixing. Time after time, companies specify Silverson mixers as the “standard” equipment for their manufacturing process.

The key to this success is based on the professionalism and commitment Silverson shows to each of its customer’s needs. Whether supplying machines from its standard range of mixers or designing equipment specifically to meet an individual customer’s requirements, quality is guaranteed.

With a customer base that includes many of the world’s largest companies, Silverson is constantly at the forefront of new technologies. Developing and applying new high shear mixing techniques to meet these needs, Silverson has the experience, knowledge and commitment to both quality and service to solve today’s mixing needs and those of the future.

[1] Compound Annual Growth Rate

[2] Innova Market Insights – New Product Database UK, 2017-2021, Plant Based & Vegan Mayonnaises & Dressings

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Background Information:

Ulrick & Short are experts in advanced formulation technologies and supplier to household name food manufacturers across the world. An extensive range of clean label non-GM starches, flours, proteins & fibres helps customers to achieve:

  • Increased shelf-life
  • Simpler labelling
  • Better flavour and texture
  • Moisture retention
  • Improved nutritional profiles
  • Allergen free options
  • Fibre & protein fortification
  • Fat & Sugar reduction
  • Egg Replacement
  • Enhanced transparency and traceability

Ulrick & Short develops bespoke solutions to suit individual needs across a wide range of foods including processed meats, soups and sauces, baked goods and battered products, and has a reputation for technical excellence in new product development.  The company is also a member of technical association Campden BRI.


All of Ulrick & Short’s raw materials are processed by accredited partners worldwide and the quality of the ingredients is assured by the controlled environment of the company’s own development kitchens. Rigorous procedures and audits are independently assessed each year against the NSF-CMi Due Diligence Standard for which Ulrick & Short holds the gold standard.


Quality standards are also vigorously analysed at its manufacturing partners’ sites. This unique active approach has aligned the company with international production facilities that have achieved the highest levels in BRC’s Global Standard for Food Safety and ISO 22000.


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