Leading resource management company, Veolia, has now extended the capabilities of its Industrial Site Services (ISS) team with the introduction of the latest vehicle technologies. By limiting any process downtime these will also help industrial sites to boost cost-efficient productivity.

Designed to tackle complex site process cleaning projects in sectors such as petrochemical, water utility, chemical, food and beverage and construction, the latest in vacuum technology will widen the capabilities for the removal and handling of hazardous and non-hazardous powders, sludges or solids. These two new specialist units are designed especially for suck and blow operations of wet or dry material, and will be used in operations such as filtration media removal, tank desludging, catalyst handling and other processes. Materials from these site operations are compliantly treated or disposed of using Veolia’s specialised facilities.

To help the effectiveness of site maintenance shutdown periods the new truck-mounted, high pressure, high flow water jetting unit is capable of creating pressures of up to 1,000 bar at 262 litres per minute using the 500 horsepower engine. This will advance the efficiency of site maintenance shutdown periods by delivering remote heat exchanger jetting, tank and column cleaning, and pipe and tube bundle cleaning, and manual blasting work within the petrochemical and chemical manufacturing sectors.

Supporting these are new ATEX-rated CCTV inspection and survey units equipped with the latest technology for inspecting drainage systems, chemical pipelines and the underground infrastructure of complex systems. This will deliver the detailed survey information required to plan maintenance works and ensure system safety and site production.

Commenting on the extended capabilities from this technology, John Abraham, Chief Operating Officer – Veolia  UK & Ireland –  Industrial, Water & Energy said:

“We know that our industrial customers rely on effective maintenance of their complex site processes to maintain output and commercial success. By using this latest technology our specialist Industrial Site Services team have extended their capabilities to help industrial sites limit  down time and maintain their process lines. This will further help productivity and maintenance,  and enhance safety for our customers sites.”

Veolia’s ISS team complete hundreds of operations every year across a wide range of industrial and commercial sites and provides a guaranteed response to emergency incidents 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This covers all types of incidents arising from chemical and hazardous materials to fuel and oil spills or contaminated land, both on customer sites or as a result of a road traffic accident. The service is delivered through the dedicated call centre that deploys the necessary response teams, technical staff, and specialised equipment and vehicles that are on standby at six strategically-placed depots across the UK.

For more information visit www.veolia.co.uk .