Imagine knowing at an early stage which machine or component in your plant could cause problems in the near future. Think this is not possible on your existing machines? Then think again, Balluff has a retrofit solution the Condition Monitoring Tool Kit (CMTK) which forms part of the extensive Condition Monitoring Range from Balluff. 

With the Balluff Condition Monitoring Toolkit, our monitoring sensors and systems collect and process relevant equipment performance information on a broad basis. This enables early machine and facility problem detection and alerts you to needed maintenance, allowing you to address potential failures before they occur.

Keeping an eye on the condition of your machines at all times gives you the option of proactively carrying out repairs and preventive maintenance. Modern condition monitoring detects even the smallest changes quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively. And you can retrofit existing machines without impacting the installed control system.

Components of the Condition Monitoring Toolkit (CMTK) solution

Our toolkit consists of a base unit (hardware) and integrated software for automated collection and evaluation of sensor data. In addition, Balluff can provide you with everything else you need for data acquisition from a single source: a wide variety of IO-Link sensors as well as all associated cables and power supplies. Up to four IO-Link sensors — including sensors from other manufacturers — can be connected per base unit.

And the base unit itself does not require a connection to the machine controller. The advantage: Your existing systems do not have to be adapted, but only supplemented. This means that current controls architectures and processes remain untouched.

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