TGW Logistics has designed and installed an automated warehousing solution for sporting goods retailer, Intersport. In Poland Intersport operates 31 stores and is opening new stores at a rate of between two to five per year, as well as growing its e-commerce sales.

To accommodate this growth, the company commissioned a new 2,600m2 distribution centre, to handle the storage and distribution of more than 50,000 SKUs, from small sports equipment to oversize goods.

TGW designed, installed and commissioned an automated storage and retrieval system that facilitates the replenishment of goods at picking workstations. A total of 17,600 tote storage locations are served by three TGW Mustang mini-load ASR machines, each equipped with combi-telescopic load handling devices for double-deep retrieval of totes from the racking. Due to the high storage densities, the automated facility occupies a footprint of just 600 sqm. The centre also contains a 1,200 pallet space facility for the storage and picking of larger items.

Activity and inventory within both facilities is controlled by TGW’s CI_LOG warehouse management system, which is fully interfaced with Intersport’s SAP ERP system. Staff in the automated facility fulfil multiple orders simultaneously using system-directed pick-to-light technology, whilst hand held RF terminals are used to direct and record activity in the pallet storage operation.

As a result, Intersport has significantly improved the flow of products into and out of the warehouse, with outbound goods now being despatched within 24 hours of order receipt. In addition to delivering optimum operational efficiency, productivity and accuracy in the current operation, TGW’s solution has also been designed to accommodate continued growth in INTERSPORT’s Polish business over the next 10 years.

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