Global motor manufacturer , WEG has launched Motion Fleet Management (WMFM), a control and monitoring tool for the operation and maintenance of industrial assets. Deployable across fleets of motors, drives, gearboxes and other installed equipment, WMFM promises to reduce unscheduled downtime, optimise maintenance, and improve efficiency in large industrial operations. 

WMFM is part of a growing portfolio of digital solutions from WEG. The solution uses cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) technology to monitor the operational status of several industrial assets. Through data collection and processing, WMFM generates valuable real-time insights to share with plant managers and engineers, ultimately leading to improved asset management.

WMFM’s data processing is managed both on edge and in the cloud — allowing for fast reactions at the device level, while also enabling comprehensive data analysis in the cloud. The tool also boasts specialist modules with artificial intelligence (AI) allowing for automated fault diagnosis based on historic reports and trends.

These reports provide a holistic view of an entire fleet’s performance, allowing plant managers to monitor several assets or even whole plants in a single environment. This data is presented in an intuitive dashboard with indicators, graphics and a history of measured data to allow for easy-to-understand analysis.

Among the valuable insights provided by WMFM is condition monitoring of assets. Combined with WEG Motor Scan and WEG Drive Scan — sensors to monitor the vibration, temperature and running hours of these respective assets — WMFM can analyse the forecasted deterioration of equipment and advise on predictive maintenance requirements. This can significantly reduce unplanned downtime and costs.

“Motion Fleet Management is an invaluable tool for asset management for most applications,” explained Marek Lukaszczyk, Europe and Middle East marketing manager at WEG. “In addition to motors and drives, WMFM is deployable across pumps, fans, compressors and much more, providing operators with complete transparency regarding their equipment and its performance. Infrastructure, power generation, water, chemicals and mining are among the most obvious use cases, but this tool can be utilised in any industry for protection of assets.

“WMFM is just one of the growing portfolio of WEG digital solutions , a line of products and mobile applications to support our customers in their efforts to improve their industrial efficiency and total cost of ownership (TCO). Taking control of asset monitoring and management through WMFM is a critical part of this process,” concluded Lukaszczyk.

More information on WEG Motion Fleet Management and WEG’s other digital solutions can be found on the WEG website. Alternatively, you can download the brochure with full technical specification here.