Are you looking to optimise your distribution and manufacturing processes?

We understand the competitive pressures driving the demand for faster and more accurate order fulfilment. That’s why we offer a range of automated, software-driven solutions like vertical carousels, vertical lift systems, vertical Buffer modules, and horizontal carousels for inventory picking.

These solutions can significantly reduce fulfilment times, labour needs, and warehouse footprint requirements while improving throughput and worker productivity. By combining automation technologies with improved workflow processes, we can help you reduce the time required to pick, pack, and ship items, making your warehouse more productive and competitive.

Our automation technologies not only improve speed and accuracy but also maximise space utilisation by utilising under-utilised overhead space. This can reduce your traditional floor space requirements by up to 65-85%, allowing you to stay in your current premises instead of moving to larger ones. Additionally, our solutions are designed with worker safety and ergonomics in mind, reducing foot travel and minimising bending, reaching, and carrying for your staff.

We offer modular automation systems that can be phased in over time, providing flexibility in managing expenses, training, and analysing ongoing results. Our four main technology options for automating storage and retrieval are Vertical lift modules (VLMs), Vertical carousels, Virtual Buffer Modules (VBMs), and Horizontal carousels.

These options allow you to spread investment costs, gradually automate parts of your inventory, and analyse time and labour savings. To learn more about our dynamic storage solutions, you can contact us

at or visit our website at Let us help you optimise your warehouse operations and achieve greater efficiency!