Kimberly-Clark Professional’s ‘Who would you hire?’ campaign pitches its new WypAll* ForceMax range of industrial cloths against traditional rags and laundered cloths, demonstrating that selecting the right wiping solution in industrial environments is just like hiring an employee and can positively impact KPI’s, improve productivity, increase operational efficiencies and reduce waste.

Who would you hire? is introduced in 2018 for the launch of WypAll* ForceMax and pitches the WypAll* range of industrial cloths against traditional rags and laundered cloths used in plant and manufacturing settings. Watch the video below…

WypAll* ForceMax is designed for superior removal of the toughest, most ingrained, dirt across all types of surfaces, absorbing 40% more oil than rags, five times faster.1 Compared with rags, it reduces disposal waste by up to 78%2. Thick and super durable, WypAll* ForceMax – the UK’s number-one disposable cloth brand – is consistently preferred by users over rags and laundered cloths.3

A key message of Who would you hire? is to encourage a transition from laundered cloths and rags to products specifically engineered for industrial cleaning tasks.  With long-standing cleaning contracts,  manufacturing facilities can often become oblivious to the poor standards of cleanliness from  laundered cloths. In contrast, WypAll* Cloths deliver a clean consistent and high-quality experience every time.

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