The new Safe SENC incremental encoder with HTL interface from Wieland Electric is available as an accessory to the Wieland Samos range or for use with other third party systems and makes it possible to monitor the speed, direction, and position of the motor and/or machine load to provide secure feedback.

Unlike a standard encoder, this safety encoder allows speed and angle at the axes to be reliably measured, achieving an unparalleled safety level to PLe (acc. EN13849) and SIL3 (acc. IEC61508). It is suitable for safety rated speed, direction and position monitoring of all machines. The SENC incremental encoder offers up to 1024ppr depending on accuracy requirements and is available in sizes 58mm and 90mm with hollow or solid shafts along with matching cables and accessories.

Wieland’s encoder has two separate channels to route data, one to transmit absolute digital data and the second for incremental analogue data and diagnostic data from the high on board sensors. It also has a safety-rated electrical interface to transmit the data from the slave encoder to the drive PLC, or safety control. It also has a safety rated communications protocol and on-board diagnostics/self-test.

The safety requirements for machine and system control are becoming more demanding in all areas. Wieland’s SENC incremental encoders with HTL interface assist in the implementation of safety functions, facilitating safe and efficient machine operation. Wieland Electric offers tailored, innovative solutions ranging from safety control technology right down to sensors.